Click-to WhatsApp message icons found in Facebook ads


WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform has always been clear that it will not allow ads on to the app. However, that has not stopped Facebook from trying to make money off the app.

Information on the new WhatsApp feature

According to recent reports, Facebook is releasing a new ad unit. This unit will help businesses on Facebook link with WhatsApp. Basically put, now advertisers will have a button on their advertisements. This button will allow users to contact the company using WhatsApp.

While this function was found in the test mode a few months back, Facebook has now confirmed its existence. The company further added that the feature will be rolled out selectively. It will first release in North and South America, Africa, Australia and most of Asia.

Facebook has opted out of adding Europe to that list. It might have something to do with the fact that the company was forced to stop sharing information between the two. This was because a court decided that it was a violation of data protection laws.

Facebook says it is because they want to observe the use of the feature to see if it is effective. They said they are still working through questions from regulators and consumers about combining both the apps.

According to Facebook, around one million business pages add their WhatsApp numbers on their posts or page. This info suggests that the new feature will be helpful for businesses.

Most developing countries use WhatsApp as a major form of communication. Following up this feature would help make Facebook the new White and Yellow Pages.

Pancham Gajjar, product marketing manager, Facebook, said the following about the new feature

“Many people already use WhatsApp to communicate with small businesses. It is a fast, convenient way to stay in touch. By adding a click-to-WhatsApp button to Facebook ads, businesses can now make it even easier for people to learn about their products, set up an appointment or use their service.”


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