Top 10 Android Security Apps


Today where ever  I see, I can see an Android mobile phone and such is the craze for Android mobile. We always want any thing to be free of attacks and threats. Thus security plays a vital role everywhere. We have made a list of 10 apps which would you keep track of your privacy.

1) CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

It’s a relatively new app where you can protect your photos and apps with the vault and app lock features.With this app, you can easily track your mobile if it’s stolen or missing.

The X factor is Intruder Selfie where it captures the photo of the person who types the wrong password using phone’s front camera.

2) App Lock

As the name suggest, it’s an app used for protecting other apps on your mobile just by creating a passcode.You can easily protect your banking app, cloud storage, and many other apps.You can simply install the app and configure it to do the work. It is best if you want a light weighted app to protect your privacy.

3) Ghostery Privacy Browser

Surprise! Surprise! How can a browser arrive in this list?Let us see.When you visit a website with this browser, you get to know who is tracking you and gives you the control to decide what personal data you share with the trackers and also allows you to block the trackers you need.This ensures privacy and protects your data from being hacked

You get the database of trackers as well as easy access to clear your cookies, cache, and granular history which is an additional feature of this browser.

4) DuckDuckGo Search

When you search something on google,yahoo or bing, your searches are being tracked by these sites whereas duckduckgo search engine does not track what you search. Simply download the app on your phone and use it instead of other browsers.

5) Lastpass

It is a password manager where you can store your various pins and passwords and later you can access them on any device.If you write your password on a piece of paper, you may miss it anytime, and once your password is in bad hands, it can cause severe damage.This app helps you to stores your passwords in a safe manner.

6) NoRoot Firewall

Your outgoing Internet connections can be controlled with this app, and it works on IPV4.When any app wants to access the internet you can either accept or deny it and thus the control is with you.Though app interface is old yet it provides excellent web control.This app is being developed for IPV6 and work is under process.

7) TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN

Security apps list would be incomplete without a VPN, and that is why we chose TunnelBear. TunnelBear hides your IP address from the sites you’re using which naturally eliminates the chance of backtracking. This VPN is pretty fast and the UI is very clean. You just have to select the location and enable it.You can check Best Root Apps for android

8) Bitdefender

It Detects the latest Android malwares in real-time and the main advantage is that battery usage by this app is negligible and even when many apps are running in the background it does not slow down the phone.If you want a security app which uses less amount of battery, then Bitdefender is an obvious choice.



9) Kaspersky Internet Security

The word “Kaspersky ” is itself enough to tell about the security feature it provides.Anti-virus, call and text control, anti-theft, and anti-phishing are some of the features of this app.

Anti-phishing is the reason why Kaspersky is so famous, and that is different between other apps and Kaspersky.

10) Orfox: Tor browser for Android

Tor browser is the name which comes to our mind when we need a privacy-focused web-browser. Orfox is also similar to the tor browser that is designed for desktops When you don’t want anyone to track what site you are visiting you can use tor browser and hence backtracking  a guy  becomes a highly impossible task  when he/she uses Orfox

These are top 10 security apps for Android.We covered apps which include different areas where protection is needed. You should definitely give a try to these apps and make sure to let us know your opinions below.


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