How to Pre-Order Apps

How to Pre-Order Apps - Macworld UK

You are now able to pre-order apps on the App store. This feature has been requested for a while and means that you can buy upcoming apps in advance, and then download them the moment they are released.

It’s also very simple to do!

How to pre-order apps

  • Open the App Store, or iTunes store.
  • Find your way to the App that you’d like to pre-order.
  • It will tell you under the app information if the product is available now, or if it’s up for pre-order.
  • Tap/click the price. You will then be presented with a confirmation screen.
  • Tap/click Confirm, and you’re done.

When the product is launched, you will be billed through the payment method you used upon pre-ordering. If you have Automatic Downloads enabled then your pre-order will download the moment it can, and then appear in your purchases.

If you’d like to see what pre-orders you currently have active, then do the following.

How to view your pre-orders:

  • Make your way into Settings > (Your name) > iTunes & App Store.
  • Hit your Apple ID and then View Apple ID.
  • Tap “Pre-Orders” (If you don’t have any pre-orders active, you won’t be able to see this option)
  • From here you can view information about your pre-orders, or cancel them.

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