Tips For iOS 11 Developers To Maximize Opportunities


Since Apple launched its first iPhone a decade ago, iOS 11 has been the most advanced system Apple has ever launched up to this date. Enabled with enhanced features and changes, iOS 11 has lived up to the customer’s expectation. Tech enthusiast has called iOS 11 the best technologically advanced system.

With such advanced system, iOS 11 offers a great opportunity for the developers to create a robust and compelling application for users. Developers now have the power to create a great application that can provide users with rich customer experience.

But there are many features and upgrades that many developers don’t know about. When they don’t know about these features the application that they create comes out as a primitive one and they don’t get a chance to maximize their opportunities. So it is really important for the developer to know about new technologies and include them in their application accordingly.

So here are some features that are included in iOS 11 that can help you maximize your opportunities to serve the best app.

Voice interface is the trend

Voice interface is now trending in all the latest successful apps. SiriKit that was introduced in 2016 allows a third-party application to integrate with Siri’s voice interface. iOS 11 is still developing SiriKit to perform more tasks such as reading QR codes, booking taxies, and banking functionalities, etc. The popularity of Voice interface is increasing due to the increasing demand for real-time communication, so supporting SiriKit should be a high priority.

Empower core ML (machine learning)

Machine learning is also included in IOS 11, which is a general-purpose machine learning framework that developers can integrate into their apps. ML framework spares the developers from building platform level coding, where ML framework automates the process of the same. It will speed up the process of app development by automating the process of building complex tasks hence creating more advanced and robust apps.

Augmented reality is now a reality

ARKit is a new framework introduced in iOS11. Many apps have already included ARKit in their apps which have proven effective to promote their apps. The ARKit framework has been used in gaming apps as well as online shopping apps. AR is one of the most trending features in the market and is on the list of top 10 mobile app features of 2018.

Build apps from the scratch

The main key to a successful app development is building an app from scratch that means handling all the phases of development like planning, developing, designing, testing, etc on your own.  Even statistics suggest that 49% of developers are doing over 2 hours of coding apart from work. With such ease of development, it won’t be hard to build an effective application.


New apps are coming to the Apple app store every day and with the help of these tips you can not only publish your app but also make it successful. There are many iOS app development companies around the world that are already following these tips and creating effective apps.


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