Top 2 Android file explorers

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1. ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager delivers an excellent experience with plenty of options, at the low, low, value of free.
I’ll be clear, that when I am searching for a decent file manager what I am most involved regarding is cost, quality, and options — though not mainly in this order. Thereupon being said, it’s fairly clear how ASUS File Manager is in a position to climb to the top of the pack.
To begin with, ASUS File Manager is completely free. There aren’t any add-ons or professional editions that you’re going to feel duty-bound to shop for so as to access all of the options that you simply need. One of the most significant perks here is that the ability to share, save, edit and delete your files even if they are situated on your phone, microSD card, or in cloud storage. When it comes to cloud storage, you’ve conjointly got access to accounts whether or not they happen to be OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.
ASUS additionally provides you the power to stream media that you’ve kept within the cloud. Meaning that you just do not get to keep all of your photos or videos on your phone if you wish to show them to friends, you’ll be able to transfer them to the cloud and still whip them out at a moment’s notice.

Of course, the foremost important side of any file manager is how simple it’s to manage your files truly. Well, ASUS File Manager has you covered on that front too. To avoid wasting space on your phone, you’ve got the flexibility to compress or extract files into and out of zip and RAR files. From the ASUS File Manager home, you’ll flick through all of your files and modify them as necessary. Also their Disk Tools just like the storage analyzer and recycle bin help you confirm that everything is strictly as you wish it.
While you would possibly notice a number of these options in other file managers, having all of them in one place with an app that’s simple to use, is why ASUS File Manager is the best

asus file explorer

2. File manager

File manager presently out there on Android. File Explorer is currently the second highest rated file manager on Google Play with over fifty thousand reviews chiming in for a four.4 rating. That is as a result of what File Explorer does, it does quite well, delivering a simple and intuitive file manager that allows you to handle your business simply.

While File Manager does have lots of exciting options, to access virtually everything offered you’ll have to buy File Explorer professional. When you would be using the app there are popups which would inform you of an error, also as assist you in learning the app, creating it much more intuitive than several of its competitors. Once using File Explorer you will be able to you’ll transfer data from phone to phone using Wi-Fi, it supports multi-windowed mode, provides you the flexibility to check the size of every folder on your phone, and provides a home screen for you to simply browse and adjust your files. However, to access options like extracting zip and RAR files, connect with Cloud storage, and directly browse your multimedia system files you’ll need to upgrade to File Explorer professional.

We recommend using Asus file manager if you want something for free with lots of features otherwise go for premium version of FX File Explorer. Let us know about the file manager that you are using and the feature that you like in it most.