How to use Snapchat – a Quick Guide


Snapchat has quickly risen to be one of the most important social media apps in the world. However, the app is known to be confusing for some people. Here we explain some of the key features in the app.

How do I use Snapchat filters?

This is, of course, the most important part for any Snapchat user. Weirdly filters are not even enabled by default. After you take a picture, just swipe left or right and a message that says ‘turn on filters’. Click the ‘I want filters’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the ‘additional services’ part of the settings menu where you can tick the filters box.


How do I change my voice in Snapchat video?

Voice filters can be found on some types of filters. Look for the new Speaker icon that appears at the bottom left of the screen once you have taken a video, then tap this to select a voice filter.

How do I use Snap Map?

In essence, you just pinch the screen to open the Map. You can view Snaps of breaking news and events or featured Snaps here, or add your own. To add a Snap to the Map make sure you send it to Our Story rather than My Story.

What are Geofilters?

Geofilters are special filters that you only have access to in certain locations, so you might get a range of options if you’re on a day out in London.

Add emoji to Snapchat video

In the latest version of the app, you can add emoji stickers to your videos. These can be pinned to anything in the video and will move with that thing. They’re resizable, too. To add emoji stickers to a Snapchat video just tap the add sticker icon and choose an emoji, then press and hold to pin on your Snapchat video.