Anker Zolo Model Zero Google Assistant speaker has an odd design

Anker Zolo Model Zero Google Assistant speaker has an odd design

If you thought Anker was done flooding CES with all sorts of devices, whether they were directly related to its core charging business, better think again. It still has one last hurrah to give and it’s a head-turner. Its ZOLO smart audio brand has announced a new smart speaker with a very unique design that you’ll want to show off in your home. Inside the Zolo Model Zero, however, lies not just power but also intelligence, thanks to Google Assistant at your bekc and call.

The Model Zero eschews the design that has become common among smart speakers, which is either cylindrical or the traditional box. In fact, it throws away all common speaker designs. Zolo calls it “audio artistry” and it’s what you get when you take a designer fashion handbag and turn it into a solid, hefty, and deadly weapon. In fact, it’s supposed to be as portable as a handbag, too. Sort of.

Despite not having a 360-degree design, Zolo claims that the radial shape of the Model Zero still has optimal angles to deliver sound to the farthest reaches of the room. Utilizing Dolby Audio technology, the Model Zero promises crystal-clear audio in a compact, if you can call it that, package.

But the speaker is a smart speaker as well, and it takes its smarts from Google Assistant. You will be able to not only ask it about the weather but even play online music. If that isn’t enough, it also comes with Chromecast built-in so you can stream from your mobile device as well.

The Zolo Model Zero speaker is definitely one of the odder smart speakers to come to the market, designed to appeal to more fashion-oriented consumers. No price has been given yet but the speaker is set to launch in Fall this year.


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