Razer built a mechanical keyboard the size of a table

Razer built a mechanical keyboard the size of a table

Mechanical keyboards are awesome, and they’ve had something of a renaissance in recent years as people realize their superiority to the flimsy membrane keyboards we’re used to.

But you know what’s even better than a mechanical keyboard? A really frikkin big mechanical keyboard, like the one Razer had at its CES booth.

The keyboard was fully functional, with a tactile click and realistic actuation. It even had full Chroma RGB lighting. Props to Razer for thoroughness.

Just imagine all the situations that would feel so much more satisfying with a giant keyboard the size of a small dining table:

  • Replying to infuriating commenters
  • Putting the finishing touches on your magnum opus
  • Playing QWOP
  • Manically refreshing a website.
  • CTRL+ALT+DELETE (although it would require some twister-like acrobatics)

Alas, no, you can’t buy one. It was probably prohibitively expensive just to make for the show floor. I have no idea where I’d actually put it. But I want one.