Top 5 Best New Games for Android – August 2017

Top 5 Best New Games for Android

Although Google Play Store is flooded with the tons of apps and games, yet you can see a number of new titles on the list every month. The month of August has also added a plethora of amazing games on the App Store that you don’t want to miss.

So, exclusively just for you, we have rounded up the fresh top 5 Best Games on Play Store that you can add on your Android phone. Check them all and thanks us later!


#1: Driving School 2017:

The simulator game that teaches you how to drive like a pro. The game offer tons of cars to play with and within some amazing environments like cities, country roads, highways, mountains and much more. So, unlock all the vehicles and ride with skills.

Driving School 2017 on Google Play Store


#2: A Planet of Mine:

As the name suggests, this game features a new planet of yours where you command your knights to serve you and to keep your planet safe from invaders. The game is adventure rich and you will find a number of little surprises there. The game is freemium but with the lots of in-app purchases.

A Planet of Mine


#3: Pro Evolution Soccer:

Fan of soccer? Yes, please! The game is simulator one that allows you to understand the tips, tricks, and physics of the soccer game with the natural movements and natural players. The game offers amazing 3D graphics and lots of realistic features that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Pro Evolution Soccer


#4: Elder Scrolls: Legends:

After the long wait, finally, the Elder Scrolls: Legends has arrived on the Play Store for Android users. The game is very easy to learn but a bit strategic. So, practice a lot to master it.

Elder Scrolls: Legends:


#5: Team Guardian:

Bringing the heroic traits and heroic fantasy, the Team Guardian is another amazing game to add on your smartphone. The game is really pleasant to play and offers multiple gameplay. Its graphics are bit simple but offers a really good gaming experience.

Team Guardian


If we have missed any best game from August 2017, you can share with us in the comments below!


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