How to Use Cardboard Apps on the Gear VR

How to Use Cardboard Apps on the Gear VR

Normally, the minute you put your phone into a Gear VR, it automatically launches Oculus Home, the Gear VR’s own UI for running VR content. This is all fine and dandy if you want to exclusively use the content found in there, but what if you want to use other VR content with your Gear VR? What if you want to use Google Cardboard content, for example?

Well, seems that there’s an app for that.

A developer has made an app that, in a nutshell, allows you to block Oculus Home from automatically starting allowing you to use another VR app, like Cardboard.

Cardboard for GearVR app

To use it, simply download the app from the Play Store (it’s called “Use Cardboard Apps for Gear VR” and it costs $1, by the way). Then you can either add the app’s widget to the home screen and tap that to jump from Cardboard to Oculus, or open the app and tap a similar toggle inside there.

Then open the other VR content you want to check out and pop the phone into the Gear VR and enjoy. Simple.

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PS. If you get a “Version Not Supported Error” from the app when trying to open it, here’s another app that works as well.

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