How to unlock your Chromebook with an Android smartphone


Google’s Chromebook has been steadily taking up a slice of the laptop market. They come with a large number of unique features that help it stand out from the usual Windows laptops and Mac laptops.

One major feature that Google is pushing out is to make the experience between Android and Chromebook much more seamless. They aspire to make a level of seamlessness attained by Apple and its ecosystem.

In Google’s quest to do so, they have now released a new feature that further slims down the gap. This is the ability to unlock your Chromebook by simply using your Android device. The method to set it up is pretty easy too. It does not take more than a few minutes to do so. After that, whenever you want to unlock your Chromebook, you can do so just by unlocking your phone.

How to unlock your Chromebook using an android device

The first step is to click on your profile picture. This will bring up the quick settings. Click on the gear icon present as this will load up the settings. Under a subheading named People, click on Screen lock. Here you will be prompted to enter your password. Once you have done so, look for Smart Lock for Chromebook (beta). Click on the Set Up icon. You will be prompted to switch on the Bluetooth on your Android device.

Once you do this, go back to your Chromebook and click on Find Your Phone. After the Chromebook finds the device, it will list it and you can tap on Use This Phone. After a couple of processes that are done in the background, a notification will be shown on your phone. You will then be asked to tap Next on the Chromebook. The final step is where you click on Try Smart Lock.

The laptop will now lock itself so you can try the try unlocking your phone and you will see that you can unlock the laptop without having to add the password.


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