38 tips and tricks to Master Periscope

38 tips and tricks to Master Periscope

Broadcasting is so in right now.

Apps like Snapchat let you publish videos in real-time for the world to see, for instance, and then there’s social networks like Facebook, which have added live-streaming tools for its users. Because these types of streaming features are in high demand, it’s easy to see why standalone products are popping up specifically for streaming our moments exactly as they happen. Twitter-owned Periscope is one such example.

It debuted a few years ago, contended with a similar app called Meerkat, but eventually became the go-to broadcasting app for people wanting to live-steam video. One year after its public debut, Periscope revealed its users have created 200 million streams and watched 110 years of video daily. With that in mind, here’s some tips and tricks to help you jump in on Periscope and master broadcasting in no time.

What is Periscope and how does it work?

Twitter bought Periscope in February 2015 – before the app even launched.

It is a free live-streaming app that allows you to live-stream video through your iPhone or Android. You can make your videos public or private. It is basically your own broadcasting station, because you can go live anytime and anywhere. And anyone who joins your video can interact with it by “liking” (clicking hearts on the screen) or getting involved via commenting. You and your follows can also share live broadcasts on Twitter.

Once the broadcast is over, others can replay it (if you’ve enabled this option under your settings). Your broadcasts are automatically saved to your phone as well, where you can then treat them like any other video (publish them online, send through email, re-watch, etc). Also, although Periscope doesn’t yet have a website where you can explore live and finished broadcasts, it does have an Apple TV app with such options.

  • For more information about how to actually start broadcasts (also dubbed scopes), check out Pocket-lint’s guide.
  • Pocket-lint also has this round-up of the best Periscopers to follow.

Pericope tips and tricks

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Periscope, let’s get into how you can really use and leverage this app…


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