8 ways to speed up your Wi-Fi connection


Wi-Fi is one of the most useful technology used in computers and laptops. It can sometimes be very frustrating too, but here are eight ways by which you can speed up the Wi-Fi in your home.

1. Position the router in the perfect place

The best place for the router is definitely at the center of your house. Make sure that there are no obstacles in between of your router that can disrupt your signal. Make sure that the antenna of your router is pointing towards the device that you have to use Wi-Fi in. If you want to use Wi-Fi on multiple devices, then make sure that antenna is perpendicular.

2. Keep it away from electronic devices

Virtually any electronic device can damage wireless signals. It can be your television, lights, speaker and even Bluetooth fan. So, it’s a better choice to move your router away from any electronic device. You could also buy a dual-band router so that the network does not interfere.

3. Use a password

Unsecured Network
There are many possibilities that your neighbor may be stealing your Internet connection thereby reducing your internet speed. You should use a password and protect your Wi-Fi from being stolen. This would increase the security of your router and making it difficult for anyone to steal your Internet speed.

4. Set your router to reboot regularly

Rebooting your router is always a good choice to speed up your internet speed. You can either do it manually each time or set schedules for the reboot. We advise to set it to reboot once or twice a day.

5. Control Bandwidth-Hogging Applications

If someone in your house regularly uses applications such as Netflix, torrenting clients or Skype then, there is a high probability that these applications would be using your bandwidth in the background. You can force stop the applications or set their priority to low so that your desired application gets the required bandwidth.

6. Turn your Old Router Into a Wi-Fi Repeater

If you have any old working router at your home sitting without any work, then this method is just for you. You can refer to this guide for extending your wireless router into an extender. Note that you may not be able to get as fast of a connection through your extender, but if you just can’t seem to get Wi-Fi on the edge of your house, this will get your job done on the cheap.

7. Get a new Wi-Fi router

Wifi Router
This is the method which works virtually for everyone. There is always something to upgrade so, get a new Wi-Fi router with latest and best technologies. Usually, routers are not expensive and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

8. Switch channels

Routers of your neighbors may be interfering with your signals.Usually, you can just turn your Wi-Fi to a channel that your neighbors aren’t on. The best Wi-Fi channels in the UK are 1, 6 and 11.
We have put a detailed guide to help you boost your Wi-Fi connection. Let us know your best method of increasing the speed of your Wi-Fi in the comments section below.