How to Sign a Document on an iPhone or iPad

How to Sign a Document on an iPhone or iPad

Being able to sign documents on the go is a huge plus for anyone in the business world. On the bus, on the train or even on your sofa – iOS has the ability to quickly and accurately sign any document attached in an e-mail, and we’re here to walk you through it.

How to sign a document on an iPhone or an iPad

  • Go to Mail, and open up the e-mail with the attached document.
  • Tap the attachment to open it up.
  • Tap the pen icon at the top right of the document.
  • Next, tap the icon in the lower right corner. A menu will appear, tap “Signature”.
  • This will open up a blank page. Draw your signature with your finger, and tap “Done.”
  • You will now see your signature displayed over the document. Move and resize your signature to the appropriate position.
  • When your signature is in position, tap “Done.”

All done! Your document has now been signed, and you can send it on it’s way.

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