Microsoft Office is now on all Chromebooks

Microsoft Office

One of the biggest criticisms aimed at Chromebooks ever since their inception has been the lack of apps for this web only OS. It is something Google has spent years trying to fix. The biggest change was when the enabled the use of Android apps in Chromebooks, opening the vast library of the Google Play Store to every Chromebook user.

The lack of major apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom etc. have caused consumers to be wary of purchasing Chromebooks. Well, this news is set to relieve users who depend on Microsoft Office quite a lot.

Wait.. Wasn’t Microsoft Office already released for Chromebooks?

Microsoft did release Microsoft Office but they have been mainly limited to Google’s latest PixelBook device. It seems like that was just a testing period as now the Office package has appeared on a wide number of other Chromebooks. Chrome Unboxed reports that the apps are showing up on Samsung’s Chromebook Pro, Acer’s Chromebook 15, and Acer’s C771.

The applications are similar to the Android version of Microsoft Office. This means both apps, the one on Chromebooks and on Android come with the same set of features. Any Chromebook with a 10.1 inch screen (or lesser) will be able to use Microsoft Office free of charge. However, if your Chromebook is larger, you will have to buy the subscription.

This is because Microsoft has a rule across Windows, iOS, and Android hardware. This rule states devices larger than 10.1 inches need an Office 365 subscription to unlock the ability to create, edit, or print documents. This rule could vastly increase the sales of Office 365. But they face competition with Google’s own G suite which is similar to Microsoft Office. Sales of Chromebooks have been increasing over the years. This means it makes sense that Microsoft is paying attention to this OS and feels fit to make an application for it.


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