How to perform a reverse phone lookup

reverse phone lookup

It is always annoying when you get a call from a number that is not saved on your contacts. It could be anyone; a friend not in your Contacts, a telemarketer, a scam trying to steal your identity. However, nowadays there are plenty of ways to do a reverse phone lookup. Here we take a look at them.

Using Google to do a reverse phone lookup

Previously Google had a much more advanced directory that made this process super easy. The problem was that many people did not wish to be in a directory like that and many removed their names out of it. This forced Google to close the app down. However, one can still use the search engine to accomplish the task. It is just a bit more hands on.

The process is just as you can imagine. Copy the number and paste it into Google. The resulting page will have a list of phone directory websites. In the event that a company called you, the top result or two can help you find the company behind it. If the caller is someone you know, their social media profiles may appear in the search results if they provided their phone number as well. Refrain from paying for such info as it can be a waste. This process will not allow you to find private numbers and temporary numbers


Truecaller is quite popular as a dialer and SMS app. Another advantage of it is its efficient method of pulling contact information from its database. As you get a call from an unknown number, the app pulls information and displays it even before you answer. Other than the reverse phone lookup feature, this dialer app has a host of other features that are quite appealing and great to use.


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