How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the easiest modes of payment currently available. Simple and elegant, it combines the tech you’ve already got (an iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID) with a one-step payment process. This is all wrapped up in watertight security safer than traditional chip and PIN.

To use it all you have to do is to keep the iPhone near an NFC card terminal and use the fingerprint scanner as the authentication. Of course, if you have the iPhone X you will need to glance at the device.

Setting up Wallet

The first thing to do to activate Apple Pay is to open the Wallet app. After this tap Add Credit or Debit Card and enter your card details. Once you are done click next. Your card will then be verified by the bank and assuming that is right you will be able to click next again. You can now use Apple Pay. You can also register through some banks’ own apps.

Using Apple Pay

When you hold the iPhone near an NFC terminal an image of your card will appear on the screen. After this just rest your finger on the fingerprint sensor and wait for a second for it to confirm your fingerprint, and voila! It’s as easy as that.

If you want to use a different card just tap the image and you will be able to choose another.

If you have an iPhone X double click the side button of the phone, glance at the iPhone X to authenticate yourself with Face ID, and then hold the top of the iPhone X within a few centimetres of the card reader.

In app purchases and other Apple Store purchase are even simpler. Simply tap the ‘Buy with Apple Pay’ button, review your payment details, then place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to finish the transaction.


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