How to use the Windows 10 Timeline feature

Windows 10 Timeline

Microsoft announced many features when it released the Windows 10 Fall Creators update. However, what really caught everyone’s eye was the Windows 10 Timeline feature. Lets take a look at what this feature is and why it is so interesting.

What does the Windows 10 Timeline feature do?

Okay lets answer that first question you have in mind. What Windows 10 Timeline does is that it allows you to find continue your paused work on either your laptop, Android or iOS device. It is something like a task view but in a global scenario. Microsoft uses its large cloud services to help with the task. Back during the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, the feature was not ready for release. From today however, the feature will be available in the latest Windows 10 Insider preview build.

How does the Windows 10 Timeline feature work?

As mentioned above, it will give you an overview of your recent activities. You can then start off on your phone or PC at work from the place you stopped. Timeline will highlight what it thinks is more important but it also displays all the activities.

How to use the Windows 10 Timeline feature?

The feature will be available after you install the latest insider preview. The option is located in the task bar behind the task view button. Another way to bring up the feature is to click the Windows key + TAB.

The problem with this feature is that any developer has to include this on his or her app. For now, it works well with Microsoft’s set of apps. These include Maps, Edge and the Office suite.

Microsoft has been hard at work releasing a bunch of new features. They recently announced Sets and have also released plenty of updates to Microsoft Edge.


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