3 key features of the iPhone X

iPhone X

On the 12th of September, Apple released their tenth anniversary iPhone. It was named the iPhone X. It adopts many of the best features of Android and throws in a couple of new features the world has not seen. Even with the impressive array of features, there are few that stand out.

The screen of the iPhone X

The entire front of the device is screen, except for the little cutout at the top. The screen size reaches 5.8 inches but the overall footprint of the device similar to the iPhone 8. The display comes with support for Apple’s TrueTone technology, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It also features a resolution of 2436 x 1125. This makes it the highest-resolution screen ever seen in an iPhone.

Face ID

With the entire front of the device being dominated by the screen, it has forced Apple to completely remove their iconic home button and Touch ID. It instead introduces Face ID, which uses Apple’s TrueDepth camera for secure authentication. The feature only works when you are giving attention to it. The iPhone X only unlocks when you look at the device with your eyes open. This means no one can unlock the device when you are sleeping.

The improved camera in the iPhone X

The iPhone X comes with a dual camera setup. The cameras are set vertical to each other. The cameras make use of 12-megapixel sensors that both come with OIS – just like the Note 8. The aperture of the wide-angle lens is f/1.8 while the telephoto aperture stands at f/2.4. On paper, this means the telephoto lens should snap sharper and more beautiful images. The iPhone X will also have portrait lighting. Video recording has also seen an improvement. 4K recording can be done up to 60 fps and slo-mo at 1080p up to 240 fps.


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