Blackberry Motion review

blackberry motion

The BlackBerry KEYone announced a return of the company to its heritage. They infused the modern Android experience with the classic BlackBerry physical keyboard. The BlackBerry Motion aims to continue the positive trend by adding a few features and removing the physical keyboard.

Design of the BlackBerry Motion

Design wise, BlackBerry has shown that it is not afraid to step away from the trends to go with something unique. It opts for a sturdy design with metal sides. The backside features a faux carbon fibre pattern that not only looks great but is soft to the touch and gives the phone plenty of grip.

The build quality is pretty great too. It is definitely on par with the top smartphones such as the iPhone. At the bottom is a fingerprint sensor designated by the BlackBerry logo on the bottom chin. It also works as the home button.

There is a single speaker at the bottom along with a USB Type C cable. BlackBerry was able to make the Motion IP67 dust and water-resistant

Display and performance

The screen is an LCD panel that measures in at 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1080p. The screen is crisp, but it is not as good as AMOLED screens. On the inside, you will find a Snapdragon 625 processor that is coupled with 4 GB of RAM. While the specs are not flagship quality the phone does perform quite well when it comes to day to day usage. There is 32 gigs on board but you will find a Micro SD card slot too. On the side of battery, there is a generous 4000 mAh battery.

The front facing camera is an 8 MP camera while the one on the back is a 12 MP camera. The camera app is basic and you will not find portrait mode and other modern features.