Google will give app developers a bigger cut of the revenue

Google will give app developers a bigger cut of the revenue

It’s not just Apple that’s looking to the deal sweeter for app developers. According to Recode, Google is also introducing a new revenue-sharing model that will give them a bigger cut.

Just like Cupertino, the big G plans to increase the amount Android developers take home from 70 percent to 85 percent of all revenue from subscriptions. Google’s offer sounds even better than the iPhone-maker’s, because the company will reportedly give publishers 85 percent of the revenue from every subscriber, not just from those who sign up and pay for 12 full months.

Sources also told the publication that Mountain View started testing the new sharing model with entertainment companies, particularly video services, over a year ago. It sounds like Google used it to entice the services to add Chromecast compatibility.  Recode doesn’t have info on when the new scheme will be more widely available. But at least you now know that a bigger portion of your hard-earned money could go straight to developers’ pockets.


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