An unswerving challenge to Apple’s iphone, Google abridged its Nexus programme last year in favor of the Pixel. Even though some might have thought it was just a subtle attempt of Google to rebrand the existing product to as if to make the latest thing feel fresh, the minority of us had faith in Google’s promise.

What with the rumours we are hearing about Google hiring new engineers signifies the distance Google is willing to go to take Apple at its own game.

Google’s Need to own its Supply Chain

Apple isn’t just about its software and the cutting edge hardware, Apple remains unmatched with its customer service. In analysing the Google’s satisfying past experience with the customers, one could only assume Google is the only company that has the potential to match the performance of Apple. Pixel represents the said capability and the willingness of Google to produce a cutting-edge product especially with a uniquely developed camera which still remains unmatched even after a many months.

Rumours indicate Google is looking forward to add the component of its own supply chain just as Apple does. Consequently it is justified to look forward to an LG-produced Google Phone at the end of this year. It is not impossible for Google to still use HTC as its anufacturing partner. Since the said LG-produced Google Phone seems less complicated.

Additionally, just as Apple does Google declares to reserve a vast amount of investment in LG display. The same manoeuvre helped Apple smooth out its supply deals. Even though unlike Apple, Google does not yet have the cards to place the bet, this situation will change over the year with the new Pixel.

Google’s New Taskforce

Rumours reveal that Google is designing its own system on a chip (SoC) for the mobile devices.   The other news revealed the former senior engineer at Apple Manu Gulati was appointed to lead the said project. This manifests the ultimate commitment of Google to capture the smartphone market.


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