A step-by-step guide on how to revert back to the pre-redesigned Snapchat


Image: Daniel Sambraus/ Getty Images

All is not well for Snapchat. The app has ticked off its most loyal users with its latest redesign which incorporates your friends’ sounds letters with their Storeys.

It’s the app’s first major #facepalm. But good news! There’s a style to switch back to the aged Snapchat, and we’re gonna support you how make love. But it does come with one big catch.

Twitter user Clare James posted step-by-step instructions Friday on how to revert back to the aged Snapchat on iOS, and we substantiated on our own iPhone X that it runs!

Just follow these steps:

After you’ve ended all the steps, you should have the old-fashioned Snapchat again.

Now, for the catch: A Snapchat spokesperson told Mashable that this workaround is only temporary . If you force cease the app and re-open Snapchat, you’ll get the redesigned explanation again.

In theory, if “youve never” thrust quit the app, you’ll have the old-fashioned app forever. But at some phase, you are able to need to quit the app( perhaps your phone freezes or the app sounds) and then you’ll be forced onto the new app.

Snapchat declined to tell us how long this workaround will last.

You could also “ve lost your” Storage if you reinstall Snapchat. Snapchat intimates you back them up for security 😛 TAGEND

Reverting back to the age-old revise also means you won’t get the brand-new facets. But, WORTH IT , if you dislike the new Snapchat redesign as much as Chrissy Teigen does.

No word on whether there’s any style to revert back to the old-time Snapchat on Android( even if it’s temporary ). We’ll update this story if any workarounds pop up.