What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In?

What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In

After the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8, people have put their sight and expectations over the iPhone 8 – the upcoming flagship from Apple. With this upcoming featured phone on the wait list of tech enthusiasts, loads of news and leaks are buzzing around regarding the features, looks and its design.

You might have gone through the number of leaks regarding the features of the phone, but you might not have read anything regarding the range of colors, iPhone 8 would come in. In the previous month, Apple has launched the Red color in the iPhone 7 and that is the reason most of the Apple enthusiasts have been wondering if there is any new addition to the range of colors in the iPhone 8. If you are among the ones thinking the same, you would love to read the article further.

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Expected Colors that iPhone 8 Would be Offered In:

iPhone 8 is going to be launched soon and before getting into the colors expected, have a look at the colors that previous iPhones showed up:

  • Gold Edition of iPhone 5s – 2013

What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In

  • Rose Gold Edition of iPhone 6s – 2015

  • Black and Jet Black Edition of iPhone 7 – 2016

What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In

  • Red Edition of iPhone 7/ 7Plus – 2017

What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In

Previously, Apple has offered a wide range of colors in the previous versions of iPhone including Glossy Jet Black, Rose Gold option in iPhone 7. Recently, the RED color edition in the iPhone 7 is perhaps the best addition to color in the iPhone’s family.

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With all this in mind, you can expect anything from the Apple making iPhone 8. Maybe the company would stick with the previous color range like Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black, Red etc. or also, it can introduce a completely new color to enhance the looks to ditch monotony.

This is all we know till now. You have to wait for the phone to be out in the public and keep pace with our website to keep pace with all what’s going in the tech world.


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