Download this: Sweatcoin’s app lets you cash in exercise for actual prizes


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If you’ve ever struggled to get into better condition then you know going motivated to start is often the hardest component. But a brand-new app may really be able be able to candy the deal.

Sweatcoin mixes fitness tracking and micropayments, paying out wages when its users actually exercise.

The premise is comparatively plainly: the app taps into your phone’s motion-tracking capabilities and continues tabs on how many steps you take throughout the day. Spawn it to 1,000 steps and you’ll deserve your first sweatcoin. Earn fairly, and those in-app silvers can be exchanged for endowment cards, airline approvals, videos, and other medals.

Seriously. You can get a new Tv or a $1,000 Delta airline credit just for doing something you should be doing anyway.

Before you start fastening up your shoes: you might want to consider training for a marathon. Big-hearted ticket items cost 20,000 sweatcoins, which would take more than a decade to deserve even if “youre walking” 10,000 steps a date.

And even if you do take enough gradations, they are not able to make sense as quickly as you think. Sweatcoin doesn’t tally any “indoor” steps so your treadmill duration and gym classes won’t count. Likewise, the app typically weighs far fewer paces than other fitness-tracking apps( the company says this is to deter possible cheaters ).

Despite its disadvantages, the app has been a hit with users. It’s been in the App Store’s top 10 for weeks and is currently sitting at the number one place, despite some user complained about the above issues.

It just goes to show: we’ll do anything for a “free” prize.

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