iPhone 8 Will Reportedly Feature 3D-Sensing Facetime Camera

iPhone 8 Will Reportedly Feature 3D-Sensing Facetime Camera

Apple’s upcoming flagship – iPhone 8 is only a few days away from us. Although its previous flagship iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had the best camera till date, but this is going to change in the near future.

This year, with the complete re-design of the iPhone 8, this phone is definitely going to offer a groundbreaking camera, that will feature 3-D sensing Facetime camera.

This means the camera of this phone would be able to extract more in the form of high- end images. The revolutionary camera of iPhone 8 would also be capable of recognizing iris and face of the owner for the security purposes.

This is not what I am saying, but this has been confirmed by the KGI securities analyst, Ming- Chi Kuo. According to him, the 3-D sensing capability of the phone would come only if we upgrade the camera system with the three modules, using technology from Prime Sense algorithms. This will not only help the phone to unlock but also would be used to secure the phone and to enhance the gaming experience.

iPhone 8 Will Reportedly Feature 3D-Sensing Facetime Camera

Not only this, the camera of the phone would also come with the ability to measure the depth to take the selfies to the next level of accuracy. In the late February, Apple’s KGI Securities Analyst also described and highlighted some of the potential new features in the iPhone 8’s front- facing the camera in his report. According to this report, Apple is expected to add 1.4 MP image sensors in the infrared receiving model that will detect changes in the light signals making selfies better than ever.

Well, Apple never fails to surprise us with its futuristic ideas and features. For more information regarding the upcoming iPhone 8, you need to keep visiting us!