iPhone sales numbers dipped slightly, but revenue is up courtesy of the iPhone X


As far as marketings people exit, this last-place one-fourth wasn’t perfectly rosy for Apple. During today’s earnings report, the company posted sale of 77.3 million iPhones, down simply under thousands and thousands of from this time last year.

Of course, that 78.2 million illustration from 2017 represents an new preserve for the company. It’s also worth noting that this fiscal part was only 13 weeks, versus last year’s 14, which no doubt contributed to the overall lessen.

But Wall Street still expected another increase, up to 80.2 million telephones for the one-fourth, as the company included a 10 th anniversary flagship to the line. In spite of that misfortune, Apple actually met a 13 -percent bump in receipt for Q1 2018, thanks in no small-scale portion given the fact that the iPhone X represents a significant price fee over the iPhone 8 and past sits. The average cost per iPhone is ~$ 40 higher than it was this time last year.

The price premium hasn’t stopped the iPhone X from surfacing Apple’s own auctions graphs, either. An analysis of service industries recently singled out the high-end handset as the top selling telephone for the holidays, in spite of failing to stumbled some manufacture points. Today Apple added that the X has been the best-selling iPhone prototype since start.

“We’re thrilled to report the biggest fourth in Apple’s history, with broad-based swelling that included the highest revenue ever from a brand-new iPhone lineup, ” Tim Cook says in a press release confined to this evening’s news. “iPhone X outshone our promises and has been our top-selling iPhone every week since it carried in November.”

Cook also notes that the company’s overall active installed design cornerstone precisely affected 1.3 billion.

Likely the company is still contemplating all of this calamity, but still a net positive. After all, revenue is really the bottom line here, even if the optics of a sales dip aren’t as joyful. Apple’s shifted to a brand-new marketings representation, and even if the iPhone X wasn’t a mad success by every metric, the company’s demonstrated that people are willing to pay $999+ for a premium smartphone experience.