Samsung’s upcoming phones will change the way you listen to radio


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 at a accumulation in Seoul
Image: Lee Jin-man/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

Months after the FCC badgered Apple to do it ,~ ATAGEND Samsung is lastly opening the FM radio chip in its next smartphone models.

The company announced Tuesday that its upcoming inventions will contain unlocked FM radio chippings. Samsung phone users will be able to access regional FM radio through apps like NextRadio, which connects smartphones to nearby radio stations.

Users is currently being able to brook radio stations through services like iHeartRadio and Pandora. Connecting to radio immediately through the FM chip will use less data and less telephone artillery.

“Samsung should be lauded for making this important step, ” said NextRadio President Paul Brenner in a statement. “They are providing their clients a more engaging, immersive radio experience and, as importantly, a is meant to connect with life-saving message in emergencies.”

Most smartphones, including all iPhone prototypes before the 7, are produced with hardware capable of receiving FM radio signals, but this hardware is generally deactivated.

Samsung connects LG, Motorola , and Alcatel( a French brand used under license by TCL) in triggering their phones’ FM chips. Apple has declined to do so, saying that iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models do not have FM radio chips.

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