Someone made a chat app that only works when your phone’s dying


Image: screenshot: die with me

Die With Me is not your conventional messaging app.

You can only use it when your phone has less than 5 percent battery life. And it simply tells you chat up random strangers whose phones are also dying.

And you thought there would never be a Great App Idea ever again. Ha !

First, this is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s a real app for iOS and Android.

Now that you know Jimmy Kimmel’s not punking us all, “youre supposed to” want to know why. Why would you want to garbage the last of your phone’s cherished battery life talking to random strangers?

Die With Me was created to “do something positive with low-toned battery, ” app developer Dries Depoorter told Motherboard.

The app was initially designed as a dating app( because of course it was) to connect parties with low-toned artillery and mostly push them to meet up and chitchat IRL because of the limited time they’d have to text.

Die With Me appears to be jolly barebones in terms of functionality, which becomes ability because the last thought you require when your phone’s dying is a million features to choose from.

The app asks for a nickname and expose your phone’s battery percentage next to each message. And you can only route verse messages; there’s no option to send photos or videos.

As your percentage lessens, you’ll hopefully seem the advise to sync up with your brand-new random pal to continue the conversation in person.

It’s a quite canny sentiment that toys with our sentimentalities on life’s momentary instants, but again, would you waste your last battery power on someone you don’t even know and can’t even accompany a photo of?

Die With Me sounds like a amusing direction to potentially encounter new people and make real, in-person attachments, but it could also be used by frightening piranhas, extremely. I convey , not to get dark on this, but whoever you’re talking to will know your phone’s dead. You’re mostly telling parties you won’t have the ability to call anyone to save you if acts lead awry.

Be safe out there. Make smart choices.

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