South Korea, Italy also calling out Apple for slowing iPhones


Apple continues to get into hot water over a influence management facet that throttles carry-on on older iPhones to avoid surprising artillery shutdowns.

A South Korean consumer group have already been entered a complaint, though it’s not clear whether the complaint will provoke a formal investigation( via Reuters ).

The group, Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty, had already filed a suit against the company.

This is just the latest in a series of complaints Apple is facing over the issue around the world. Earlier this week “consumers interests” radical in China wrote to firm with concerns.

While the French government is investigating whether Apple’s wars constitute’ programmed obsolescence’( which is illegal in the country ).

US senator John Thune has furthermore written to Apple to express concerns and raise questions.

And yesterday Italy’s antitrust torso opened a formal investigation into iPhone’ performance-gate’. Though its examination is wider as it’s also investigating whether Apple rival Samsung has consumed software updates to slow its phones to drive shopper improvements — as is alleged.

At the time of writing neither company had responded to a request for comment.

The watchdog believes Apple and Samsung of orchestrating “a general commercial policy taking advantage of the lack of certain components to curb the implementation of its days of their products and persuade consumers to buy new versions”, is in accordance with Reuters.

Earlier this week Apple CEO Tim Cook said it’s working on an iOS update that will acquaint iPhones useds if their phone is being conduct throttled because of persons under the age of its artillery. It will too be giving useds the ability to switch off the power management piece if they wish( though Apple does not admonish doing so ).

It’s not clear when updated information will fell for all iPhones consumers but it’s slated to ship to developers sometime next month.