Samsung Galaxy S9 with New Motherboard Tech

Samsung Galaxy S9 May Include Large Battery Thanks To New Motherboard Tech

After the successful release of Samsung Galaxy S8 across the globe, the Samsung has started working on their next biggest flagship – Samsung Galaxy S9. And we already started getting rumors about the phone. Well, the rumour that we have recently got from the Samsung company is that they are going to pack larger battery in their upcoming flagship.

According to the Korean media, ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy S9 might come with the new technology – the new type of the motherboard having Substrate like PCB (SLP) technology that will allow more components to fit in the phone, by lowering the footprint and allowing the additional layers.

With this latest motherboard technology, Samsung can now fit the larger battery in next device without making the size bulkier. Moreover, the report from the ETNews suggested that this motherboard technology can only be used in the handsets powered by Exynos chipset. This means the Qualcomm versions will still get that less- efficient technology with the older version motherboard.

In the past, little has separated the Qualcomm variants (the ones that are usually sold in the West) from the Exynos versions of Samsung’s handsets — save for some minor performance differences. If the two versions of the Galaxy S9 were to make use of different motherboards this time, though, it could mean that the phones also come with different size batteries, or with different sized bodies (with the Qualcomm variant being bigger in order to house the same size battery as the “global” version).

This way, we will get the idea about the variants of the next biggest upcoming flagship from the Samsung company – Samsung Galaxy S9. Both the phones will get different battery sizes along with the different chips and technology. That’s something great for the Samsung enthusiasts.

What do you think of Samsung Galaxy S9’s battery size? Is it good to pack the better battery with the new motherboard technology for Samsung? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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