Galaxy S9 might look like if Samsung copies the iPhone X

Galaxy S9 might look like if Samsung copies the iPhone X

Samsung is rumored to launch the Galaxy S9 earlier than expected next year so that it can better face the iPhone X threat. Reports also say the new Samsung handset will feature some iPhone X “tricks,” although it’s not clear what that means.

Yes, the Galaxy S9 will undoubtedly feature a dual-lens camera like the Galaxy Note 8, but that’s not the iPhone X’s signature feature. What else can the Galaxy S9 steal from the iPhone X? Face ID is one likely candidate, assuming Samsung can develop similar facial recognition technology in time for the Galaxy S9’s launch. The design may be one other iPhone X feature the Galaxy S9 will borrow. And then, there’s the now-famous iPhone X notch.

Galaxy S8 users are right to point out that Samsung beat Apple when it comes to releasing an “all-screen” smartphone. That’s true, the Galaxy S8 came out before the iPhone X, but each company has its own interpretation of all-screen designs.

The Galaxy S8 features symmetrical top and bottom bezels, while the screen sides are curved. The iPhone X’s screen occupies the entire front of the handset save for the top notch and the small bezel that surrounds it. In my opinion, Samsung should just stick with its own Infinity display design for at least one more year. But maybe Samsung wants to eliminate the bottom bezel as these fan-made concepts suggest:

Here’s one other version:

These aren’t official renders of the Galaxy S9’s design, so don’t get too excited — or disappointed. But they suggest that at least some Samsung fans out there are toying with the idea of Samsung extending the display even further.

There’s no notch at the top in these designs, which is a good thing. That’s probably a design compromise Samsung should stay away from.



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