Taking a peek at the GPD Win 2

GPD Win 2

GPD is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in portable computers. It has now released a handheld gaming PC called the GPD Win 2. Join us as we take a look at this innovative gadget.

Specs of the GPD Win 2

The GPD Win 2 comes with a six inch screen that makes it extremely portable. The resolution is stuck at 1280 x 720 pixels while the processor inside the device is an Intel Core m3-7Y30. The processor does support Turbo Boost to a maximum speed of 2.6 GHz. On the side of graphics, you can find an Intel HD Graphics 615. To ensure smooth usage, the Win 2 comes with 8 GB of RAM which should be more than enough for users. The storage is capped at 128 GB but on the plus side, it is an M.2 SSD rather than an eMMC.

Pricing and performance of the GPD Win 2

This device is sure to appeal to a select few, however, there are plenty of issues with this handheld device. The biggest issue is its pricing. The price that the device is going for is $699 which is a fair bit of money. If you are buying it in advance on Indiegogo, you can get it for a hundred dollar less.

It is true that the benchmark results are interesting and the handheld PC can even run Grand Theft Auto V. but, it also means the graphics quality and details will need to be reduced to ensure that you have a smooth frame rate during your gameplay.

Of course, these are trade ins you have to make for a portable frame. The GPD Win 2 comes with many modern games. A very unique feature of the device is that when you are close to your gaming PC, you have the ability to stream games across it.


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