Fitbit Flyer

Fitbit Flyer review

While all eyes were on the Fitbit Iconic, the company quietly released the Fitbit Flyer; Fitbit’s first audio product. It is a headphone engineered towards those who work out. Build and design of the Fitbit...
Lenovo Yoga 920

Lenovo Yoga 920 review

Lenovo’s Yoga laptops are well known in the world of convertible laptops. Their latest offering, the Lenovo Yoga 920 succeeds their previous Yoga 910. Long before 2 in 1 laptop made the headlines, it...
Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds review

The Google Pixel Buds are the first headphones manufactured by Google. They come with a number of enticing features that we will take a look at below. The Google Pixel Buds Design These earbuds come in...
Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin review

The 15.6-inch Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is a fantastic, mid-range 2-in-1 laptop. While the display can not be removed like the Microsoft Surface, its 360 degree hinge means it can be used in a...
Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600 review

Nikon recently released a new camera in their D5xxx range with the Nikon D5600. Rather than a complete overhaul, the company has opted for a modest upgrade. Here we take a look at the...
Panasonic Toughbook CF-XZ6

Panasonic Toughbook CF-XZ6 review

Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-XZ6 is a business oriented laptop from the company. It runs Windows and has an extremely durable body that can take up a few knocks. this is exclusively a business-targeted device which...
Fujifilm X-23

Fujifilm X-23 review

Fujifilm is well known for their range of mirrorless cameras and the Fujifilm X-23 is the latest camera in the X mirrorless series. Build and key features of the Fujifilm X-23 The mirrorless camera comes with...
nikon d3400

Nikon D3400 Quick Review

The Nikon D3400 is the company’s latest device aimed at the entry level market. Read on as we take a look at what has changed and what is new. Design and build of the Nikon...
iStorage diskAshur Pro2

iStorage diskAshur Pro2 review

For those with high security files, there is always the worry of losing the device with the files. This could mean the files can fall into the wrong hands. For people with that worry,...
Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1: Quick review

Google and Xiaomi join hands to deliver another Android One device in the form of the Xiaomi Mi A1. The Android One program was first initiated in 2014. However, lacklustre efforts from Google and domestic...

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