Fossil Q Activist Review


The Fossil Q Activist is the latest in the line of the famed company’s so-called “hybrid” watch category. While many tech companies and watchmakers have attempted to create something like this. Fossil seems to have perfected the design

Fossil Q Activist Design

The design of the Fossil Q Activist does not feel totally premium but it does not feel totally cheap either. The model comes with more than forty styles that are made for a wide range of people. Each watch comes with a band, but they’re all standard sizes with standard quick-release pins, so it’s easy to replace them with something you like better.

Fossil Q Activist

There are three buttons on the watch that can be assigned to multiple tasks. These can be set to show the date, your steps, different time zones, music controls, and a few other things.

What does the Fossil Q Activist do?

The smartwatch can track steps, monitor your sleep, allows you to control your music, see your commute time, and, of course, get your notifications. For notifications, you can set people or apps to any of the 12 numbers around the dial. So while you won’t get the contents of a Facebook Messenger ping, you’ll at least know that the thing vibrating is Facebook Messenger and not, say, a tweet.

Fitness tracking works well, although it’s a bit basic. It can track your sleep and count the number of steps you take. You will not find a heart sensor and there is no way to set up an exercise session. This fitness data can be merged with many other apps.

There is an app for the smartwatch and it is available for both Android and iOS. Another amazing feature is the battery life. The Fossil Q Activist can run for about six months on one charge.


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