iStorage diskAshur Pro2 review

iStorage diskAshur Pro2

For those with high security files, there is always the worry of losing the device with the files. This could mean the files can fall into the wrong hands. For people with that worry, the 5TB iStorage diskAshur Pro2 which is priced at $670 is the perfect HDD. (There is also a 2TB variant) Read on as we explain why!

Design of the iStorage diskAshur Pro2

The device is made out of a combination of metal and rubber that is fused well to deliver a well engineered product. It comes with a soft foam lined carry case. There is a built in USB cable. Although only 12 cm, it should be enough to plug it into a PC. Another interesting feature is the numeric pad embedded into the side of the HDD. One can not access the files on the HDD without possessing the pin code of the HDD. Pretty clever I’d say.

Using the iStorage diskAshur Pro2

On the side of encryption, it comes with AES-XTS 256-bit.  This means if a person removes the base drive, he or she still cannot easily access the contents. Guessing the password does not work as the HDD deletes the encryption key if the wrong code is punched in too many times.

iStorage diskAshur Pro2

It also has defences against hardware tampering. If it detects external tampering, the iStorage diskAshur Pro2 enters a deadlock frozen state that renders further attacks useless. Furthermore, it is IP56 certified. This means it is water and dust resistance, however, it is not waterproof unluckily. The keys on the HDD are coated with epoxy. This serves two purposes. One is that it extends the life of the keys. The second and arguably more important purpose is that it makes it difficult to figure out what keys are frequently used.

Performance is pretty good with speeds of 145.5MB/s reads and 144.8MB/s.


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