Libratone Q Adapt Headphones Review

Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear

Wireless headphones are quickly turning into the rage. A new high end wireless headphone in the market is the Libratone Q Adapt Headphones that feature Google’s new auto pair feature.

Design of the Libratone Q Adapt

The design is very minimalistic and simple. Some features like the backlit bird logo stand out but overall the headphones are understated. The bars can be adjusted for a better fit while the headband is cushioned for greater comfort. The ear cups are made of leather and are quite comfortable.

Sound quality of the Libratone Q Adapt

This is the most important aspect for any headphone. However, the sound quality on these headphones are all positive. At its neutral mode, the quality is balanced and does not overdo on any aspect. That being said, there are plenty of sound profiles that increase the bass or treble to suit your taste. The noise cancellation is pretty good too. It comes with four levels, which can be adjusted. A unique feature in these Libratone Q Adapt Headphone is the Hush feature. You can activate it by simply pressing your palm against the left ear cup. It basically pauses the music, switches off the noise cancellation and also activates the microphone, enabling you to hear the world.

Main feature of the Libratone Q Adapt

The main feature that makes this heaphone appealing to Google Pixel owners is its Fair Pair feature. As the name implies, it makes pairing with your Pixel phone simple. Once you get the pairing notification all you have to do is click that to finish the pairing. The entire procedure takes approximately five seconds. This is much faster than the old fashioned method where you go through your settings looking for the Bluetooth settings. The Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear headphone has gestures to help with playback.


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