Samsung Notebook 7 Spin review

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

The 15.6-inch Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is a fantastic, mid-range 2-in-1 laptop. While the display can not be removed like the Microsoft Surface, its 360 degree hinge means it can be used in a tablet manner. With a premium design and fancy specs, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin seems like a great device.

The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Design

The design looks mostly like the previous generations and it is not necessarily a bad thing. The entire machine is made out of aluminium while the keyboard is backlit. Samsung even went to the extent of including a number pad in the laptop.

The keys have sufficient travel and are a joy to type on. There is a glass touchpad that performs just fine with single and- multi-touch gestures. The touchscreen can be used as a mode of input too.

Specs and performance in the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

The laptop weighs 2.26 Kg which is on the hefty side but the laptop is also quite thin. Moving on to the rest of the spec sheet, the machine is powered by a 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processor and backed up by 16 gigs of RAM. The display is a crisp 15.6-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) LED screen. The storage varies between a 1 TB HDD or a 128 SSD.

With the above mentioned specs, it should be of not surprise that the device handles everyday tasks without a stutter. Do not expect to play the latest COD or such as this is not a gaming laptop but everyday use is a breeze with this machine.

Samsung said the device can last nine hours but in our testing, the laptop lasted around six hours which is not that bad. It has fast charging capabilities which means the Samsung laptop can regain 2 hours of its capacity in just 20 minutes, and a full charge in 90 minutes time.


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