Amazon releases the Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon recently unveiled the Amazon Echo Spot. It is a smart alarm clock that comes with a touchscreen, camera and many other handy features.

Hardware of the Amazon Echo Spot

The Echo Spot has a delightful look thanks to its circular display and spherical body. It resembles a vintage alarm clock and is perfect for a bedside cupboard. Made of plastic, it weighs only 0.9 pounds and is available in black and white. the screen is 2.5 inches and comes with a 480 x 480 resolution. The display is bright, colourful and the viewing angles are wide. It shows information like the weather calendar overview, trending headlines and to-do lists. The camera above the screen allows you to take part in video calls. You can also adjust other smart home appliances using Alexa.

Amazon Echo Spot

Of course, the camera might be a privacy concern for a few.

Using the Amazon Echo Spot

Like other Echo devices, the Spot can be used for music playback. Since there’s a display, you can also view album art. the Spot’s 1.5-inch speaker is okay but is not great. On the plus side, you can connect it to a larger speaker with a cable or Bluetooth. The sound quality is OK, but not great. Video calls work fine on the clock. You can pull up Alexa to call other individuals. You can also watch videos but it is not recommended. The tiny circular display means that some part of the video is bound to be cut off.

There are 16 different faces to choose from, both analogue and digital designs. Four of these can be customized with your own photos. The company says they plan to release more watch faces in the coming months.

On the side of pricing, the Amazon Echo Spot will set you back $130.


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