World View successfully launches near space balloon from its new HQ

near space balloon

World View Enterprises launched their first near space balloon today. This happened at Spaceport Tucson, which is located in Arizona, which will be the lift off base for satellite like “Stratollite” missions. Over time, the company hopes to start flights for tourists too. The balloon will reach all the way to the stratosphere. Spaceport Tucson is the first facility of its kind. It was built with the sole purpose of sending flights and balloons up to the stratosphere.

Info on the near space balloon 

World View Enterprises currently handles the entire Spaceport Tucson facility. They do this on behalf of Arizona’s Pima County who built the headquarters, the producing facilities as well as a round launching area which has a diameter of 215 meters. This was done in a deal worth over fifteen million US Dollars and was signed back in 2016. This deal was stuck in the midst of a lot of legal issues that lasted for more than a year. The Headquarters was declared early this year in the month of February. However the small start up has spent the last few months prepping the compound for day to day operations which climaxed at the take off of its balloon.

World View co-founder and CEO Jane Poynter says that they have obtained the Certificate of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Department which paved the way and enabled today’s debut test to be carried out.

The four year old start up is looking to start a new market in the business of commercial space. Its innovative super high altitude balloon can keep itself in the up most section of our planet’s atmosphere. From there it can be used for scientific uses, to observe places and things and so on. The balloons are said to rise up to a height of thirty thousand five hundred meters or even more. For a comparison, this is almost three times more than the height that a typical airline flies at.


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