Top 7 Best Amazing Tech Inventions of 2016

Top 7 Best Amazing Tech Inventions of 2016
Top 7 Best Amazing Tech Inventions of 2016

As we are living in a world surrounded by the technologies, many interesting and effective things have been invented by people to make life easier and also to have fun. Last year, the DNA testing machine shocked the world and also condoms that change colors were something interesting. STD antigens was an underrated, yet genius invention. There are numerous inventions that took place in 2016 but we have prepared a list of some most interesting inventions of this year. Let’s have a look at the list of top 7 inventions that took place in 2016.

List of Top 7 Best Amazing Inventions of 2016 

1. The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Hello Sense, a name given to a beautiful alarm clock which not just wake you up through voice control but also helps you to fall asleep, improves and monitors your sleep.  There is no need to carry sleep pills as it is easily clipped to your pillow and tracks your sleep using a precision accelerometer. Sense monitors the bedroom temperature, air quality, VOC, humidity etc using sensors for your better sleep. Sense wake you up 30 minutes before the time you set and also identifies the best time for you to wake up in the morning.

2.The Folding Bike Helmet

This helmet, known as Morpher, is made by Jeff Woolf, who got an idea to make such helmet when a serious accident almost took his life. This bike helmet can fit into any bag pack and is an ultimate gift for the cyclists. The Morpher concept has earned over $300,000 from donations in US and Europe. It costs slightly more than $100.

3.The Levitating LightBulb

Known as Flyte, this product has topped the list of top 25 best inventions on the TIME magazine. Flyte is solely based on the phenomenon of electromagnetism to levitate and spin around. This bulb is designed by the same person who invented first levitating skateboard; Simon Morris. Morris says that this bulb has been tremendously sold since its released in market in January.

4. Kobi – A Lawnmower Robot

Lawn moving is a common problem especially to people who have huge backyard. But, the solution for this problem is Kobi. A recently made robot with a speed of 2 miles per hour has the ability of mowing your lawn, removing leaves and blowing the snow. This robot is easily controlled with a smartphone app. Kobi has a combination of High-end GPS and many sensors which help in its efficient and accurate working.

5. The StreetSaw Hoverboard

StreetSaw’s self balancing electric scooters are the greatest ever inventions for the personal transport industry. The founder of these scooters is Daniel Moravec, who unveiled the first StreetSaw hoverboard at the Customer Electronic Show is Las Vegas, Nevada. With millions of hoverboards sold, it is expected that more varieties and models are yet to come in the future.

6. PlayStation VR

Sony decided to step up the gaming market with the help of a virtual reality headset in 2016. PlayStation VR, is a great, powerful and the next-generation of gaming. It works with any PlayStation 4 console and increase the intensity of your gaming experience as it appears so realistic that you feel all the events are happening in front of your eyes.

7. Echo – The Speaker That Talks Back

Amazon has revolutionized the industry by launching Amazon Echo, a standard Bluetooth speaker, which is one of the greatest inventions and best-selling product of 2016. Echo uses Alexa’s functionality and can use different apps, wake you up in the morning, call an Uber for you, turn off the lights of your home and even order you pizza. So, now you have your own Personal Assistant who is there to help you anytime.

Wrap Up: As we all can see 2016 has been a revolutionary year in the field of technology. A number of amazing and interesting inventions have been introduced in the market this year. Let’s see what new technologies 2017 will bring to us.