Best 3 security apps to protect yourself


With many data breaches occurring it is natural to worry about your identity and security. There are plenty of apps one can make use of to stay on the safe side.

Below is the list of the 3 best security apps to safeguard your data and keep yourself secure at all times.

The Best 3 Security Apps

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a credit check application. It’s anything but difficult to utilize. You sign up and it does the rest. You get updates on your balance in a regular time period.

In this way, you can check whether new credits cards or other huge debts appear in your name. The application keeps running on ads. You will see things like credit card promotions. They’re sufficiently simple to overlook. The application also has a couple of different highlights. Credit Karma is free with no in-application buys.

Credit Karma

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is Google’s smartphone locating app. It comes preloaded on most smartphones. Turning it on is sufficiently simple. The application can enable you to locate a lost or stolen smartphone. The highlight here is the capacity to remote wipe your smartphone. That way, you can at least delete your own information in case of a stolen smartphone. You may lose the smartphone, however, it secures your identity and is one of the most important security apps to have.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a password managing app. It saves your passwords so you don’t need to. Moreover, it has a password generator. It generates some exceptionally strong passwords. An application like this helps keep your records firmly secured. The app can sync data between smartphones and PCs. Something like this makes it so you never need to really record a password. The vast majority of the application’s highlights are free. You can go professional for a few more add-ons.

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