Katy Perry’s Twitter account – its biggest – is hacked and song leaked

Katy Perry's Twitter account – its biggest – is hacked and song leaked

Twitter’s top user and pop superstar Katy Perry was hacked on Monday, with her account sending abusive tweets to her 89 million followers and reportedly leaking an unreleased song.

The tweets removed from Perry’s account page, the most followed on Twitter, beating Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, sent homophobic messages to users and a “miss u baby” message to the singer’s arch rival Taylor Swift among others.

The hacked account signed off with a tweet telling users to “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack”, who appears to have claimed responsibility for the hack.

@sw4ylol, the alleged hacker’s account, which is still operational but appears to be caught in a semi-suspended state pushing out tweet notifications for tweets that don’t appear, also reportedly shared an unreleased track from Perry on SoundCloud and a screenshot of the singer’s email account.

The link to the SoundCloud file shared by a user named “sl*t” was removed from Twitter, along with several other tweets from the account. The alleged hacker’s account still shows a takedown notification from SoundCloud for Witness 1.3, after the song was removed from the service.

Perry’s account has been cleaned of the hacked messages, but has yet to acknowledge the intrusion.



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