Why is Anti-Virus Alone No Longer Enough For your Device Security?

Why is Anti-Virus Alone No Longer Enough For your Device Security?

Bygone are the days when only single anti-virus software was the foolproof security of the device, especially for the window users. The landscape of threats and cyber attacks have changed a lot in the past 10 years and that made every business owner and even home users think about the level of protection they receive.

There are three important reasons why your anti-virus alone is not enough for the security of your device.

#1: You don’t have to Click to Get Hit:

In the past, it was sufficient for you to simply avoid clicking on the suspect links or visiting bad sites. But the case is not the same anymore. This is due to the new malvertising attack that causes a trustworthy and legitimate site to pull malicious content that seeks a way to install in any computer of the visitor, thereby destroying and infecting it.

#2: The responses of Anti-Virus Programs for new Viruses are Too Slow:

According to the new research on the anti-virus response to the new threats and viruses, the traditional AV only stops 30-50 percent of new zero-hour malware when it’s first seen. A few anti-viruses take almost 8 hours to reach the 90 percent of the level, with a majority needing a full 24 hours. That is another reason why your anti-virus software is not at all enough to avoid cyber attacks.

#3: Attackers are everywhere:

Last but not the least, the exploits being everywhere is the major concern that makes it obvious that only a single anti-virus software is not enough for your device. So before trusting any email provider or the sender, make sure that your device is less prone to get attacks.

In order to avoid these harmful attacks, you need to make yourself a smaller target. Run a modern system and keep it updated to keep you on the safe side. It’s a new world out there.  The layered approach to security, along with good software maintenance practices, can help you stay safe.