Facebook rolls out a snooze button


We all have people on our friend list whose posts really get on our nerves. Of course, your go to solution until now has been to remove them but this can cause problems I the individual is your co worker or acquaintance. Now, however, you can “snooze” them, a new feature that Facebook is rolling out today.

More info on the Facebook snooze feature

This feature was firsts potted by TechCrunch back in September of this year. The snooze function allows you to mute people, Pages, and Groups for a maximum of thirty days. This is great if there is someone who you don’t like seeing but do not want to unfriend either. This feature would also vastly help admins of groups and pages. This allows them to retain less active individuals who might leave the group or page.

After the thirty days are done, the social media network notifies you that it is done. It also asks if you want to snooze the individual for another thirty days.

This move is parallel with Facebook itself rethinking if social media is healthy. By delivering this feature to individuals, it helps users create a surrounding that is safe from negative people and other critics. Basically put, it allows you to interact with people and things that you like.

The social media network has been facing a lot of questions over its use. Facebook has been constantly plagued with issues like fake news, privacy and the negative effects that social media has on teenagers and other people. By including a snooze feature, the company shows that it is trying to make in roads on these issues to offer a safer and better environment to the millions of people who use its services on a daily basis. The feature has since been rolled out and is available to everyone.