10 tips to turn you into an Instagram power user

10 tips to turn you into an Instagram power user

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing service made its name with filters and square pictures, but since its launch in 2010 a lot has changed at Instagram: video clips, more editing tools, advertising and extra tools have all been added along the way.

To make sure you’re not missing out on anything that the app has to offer, we’ve compiled ten handy tips for taking your Instagramming to the next level. Learn how to manage filters, strip out photo locations, customise your Instagram alerts and much more.

1. Adjust the strength of your filters

Filters are how Instagram made its name but you now get a bit more control over them than you once did: tap once to select a filter and then tap the same filter again to adjust its strength. Using the other icon above the filters you can quickly adjust the brightness, contrast, rotation and other aspects of your picture though a simple series of sliders.


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