WhatsApp unveils live location sharing


Information on the new WhatsApp feature

The company announced this yesterday through a blog. They are calling the feature “Live Location Sharing”. In the firm’s own words, they want to enable a “secure way to let people know where you are.” If you want to use it, you will be pleased to know it operated similar to the original feature where you could share your current location to someone in your contacts. On the WhatsApp conversation, you will be able to see the attach icon. It is in the form of a paperclip. Once you click that, click on Location. This is where you can find the new feature. Once you click on that feature, you can send a real time location to a person on your contact or even a group, should you wish to.

WhatsApp Share your location

Is the WhatsApp feature secure?

Of course, the real worry with this feature is the security. The element takes advantage and utilizes end-to-end to encryption to keep the connection secure. Furthermore, you can quit giving your location whenever you want. The word from the company is that it is additionally with an expiring timer. They did not tell us how long this timer would stay in effect.

Google has a similar function too. They brought the feature to its Maps some time back and so has Snapchat.


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