Why are tablet sales dwindling?


Almost everyone can agree that tablets look alike and feel alike nowadays. When you look at the tablet market nowadays you feel a sense of stagnation. The recent reports about the number of tablets will reinforce that feeling.

The tablet shipments for the first cut off 2017 is down by 8 to 10%. The market has now seen 10 quarterly drops in a row. What are the reasons for dwindling sales?

The period of usage for a tablet

The above figures do not mean that people do not use tablets anymore. It just means that people have stopped buying new tablets. The reason for this could be that people are happy with the old tablets and see no need to upgrade.

Tablet manufacturers have not brought new features to tabs that compel users to ditch their old tablet and go for a new one. Another reason might be that updates are targeted towards smart phones rather than tablets.Thus the upgrade from Android 5.0 to 6.0, or 6.0 to 7.0, doesn’t have the same appeal on tablets.

It’s not a big enough deal, especially when tablets owners can enjoy the latest Android OS on a new smartphone anyway. Tablets simply aren’t used frequently enough to feel the daily pain of an older OS version, while it’s a very different story with the smartphone in your pocket.

People don’t have a use for tablets

Tablets no longer have a unique role to play. They are not portable like a smartphone and they are not powerful enough to replace a laptop or PC. But these devices do have some advantages.

They are lighter than laptops and have a longer battery life too. They include touch input which many laptops lack but there are not extremely important. Nowadays smartphones are getting bigger and laptops are getting smaller and this totally eliminates the need for tablets.


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