ACT Fibernet launches 1Gbps broadband service in India

ACT Fibernet launches 1Gbps broadband service in India

Hyderabad becomes India’s first city to get 1Gbps broadband service launched by ACT Fibernet ACT Fibernet on Thursday became the first ever Indian broadband service...
Free Online Word Processors

Free Online Word Processors

The Office 2.0 movement brings with it some great free online word processors, many of which that are as feature-rich as their desktop counterparts....
What is Blogging Software

What is Blogging Software?

Blogging software is the program used to create blogs. There are numerous companies who offer blogging software. Some of the most popular blogging software...
Beta Definition

‘Beta’ Definition: What It Means When You See It Online

When you visit a website online that typically offers some sort of product or service, you may notice a "Beta" label next to the...
It's Not Devices, It's Extensions of Self

It’s Not “Devices”, It’s Extensions of Self

The smartphone as we know it today is not a phone. It's one of the earliest, but clearest, examples of human augmentation through technology. Think...
Content First

Content First

In his opening keynote at An Event Apart in Seattle, WA 2012Jeffrey Zeldman talked about the need to keep content front and center in...
Free Small Business Networking Tools & Services

Free Small Business Networking Tools & Services

Managing a small business network can involve a lot of time-consuming grunt work. And while you can find networking software and services that make...
10 Great Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Great Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind 2017

We are living in a world of technologies. As we see around us, almost everything is related to technology from a small pin to...

Top 6 gadgets at CES 2017

CES (consumer Electronics Show) is the place where cool gadgets are launched each year. This year too many cool tech gadgets were launched at...

Top 10 Android Security Apps

Today where ever  I see, I can see an Android mobile phone and such is the craze for Android mobile. We always want any...

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Even though we have seen it all from Microsoft when it released tablets with kickstands, expensive desktops and laptops with detachable tablet screens, it...

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