Presentator – A 100% Free Design Collaboration Platform

Presentator – A 100% Free Design Collaboration Platform

A quick Google search yields dozens of results for collaboration tools. But, most of them cost money and very few are geared towards web design or visual work. Presentator is different. It’s a free open-source...
Amazon's Alexa app topped Apple's App Store on Christmas

Amazon’s Alexa app topped Apple’s App Store on Christmas

Amazon's voice-controlled Echo devices were quite the popular gifts this Christmas, judging from the way the Alexa app shot up to the top of the list of the most popular free apps on the...

How to download music from YouTube for free

YouTube contains possibly the largest collection of videos and music on the internet. As such it is of no surprise that people find a lot of content they want to download. However, YouTube does...
Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds review

The Google Pixel Buds are the first headphones manufactured by Google. They come with a number of enticing features that we will take a look at below. The Google Pixel Buds Design These earbuds come in...

Latest SwiftKey Beta lets you to put your own photos as the background

SwiftKey has been one of the most famous keyboard apps in the Android world. Back before quality keyboards such as Google’s Gboard existed, SwiftKey was available to help users attain a favourable typing experience....

You can now make multiple stops on your Uber trip

Uber has been going through a multitude of problems but that has not stopped them from delivering new updates to their service. Their most recent update allows a rider to input a maximum of...
Alzheimer's Disease

AI can detect Alzheimer’s Disease

Various researchers around the globe are developing ways to detect Alzheimer's Disease as early as possible. After all, early detection is crucial when it comes to Alzheimer’s. it can give people time to undergo...

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How to Look Up iMessage History

How to Look Up iMessage History

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Top 10 Launchers For Android Smartphones And Tablets

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Bose SoundSport Free

Bose SoundSport Free earbuds

Bose released their first truly wireless earbuds named the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds. Information on the Bose SoundSport Free They are focused directly at people who...
What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In

What Colors iPhone 8 would be Offered In?

After the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8, people have put their sight and expectations over the iPhone 8 – the upcoming flagship from...
Facebook is rolling out a New Feature That'll Show You Strangers' Posts

Facebook is rolling out a New Feature That’ll Show You Strangers’ Posts

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Facebook, long known for connecting people globally is set out to offer a new feature to improve its users’ experience....
iMac 27-inch (2017) review: Better, Faster, Stronger

iMac 27-inch (2017) review: Better, Faster, Stronger

Apple was busy on the stage at its Worldwide Developers Conference this June. Unveiling updates to nearly every Mac it makes, with notable exceptions...

SanDisk reveals the world’s first 400 GB microSD card

Imagine storing up to 40 hours of Full HD videos inside ONE tiny microSD card. Add to that, the transfer speeds of 100MB/s and...